Training occupations

Setting sails for a future career

VOCO offers very qualified and varied training – in short, a real chance for the future.

Our training occupations comprise


  • Chemical laboratory assistant
  • Industrial business management assistant
  • Chemical production specialist
  • Warehouse specialist
  • Dual study programme (Business Administration, BA)


It is our goal to provide our trainees with a long-term perspective as far as possible. As a constantly growing company, we train for our internal personnel requirements and are pleased to employee our trainees if possible.


Besides the training contents, our trainees work on their own projects, such as the design and implementation of our presence at vocational training fairs, or the organisation of the Future (Career) Day event.


Additionally, VOCO offers trainees the opportunity to gain experience abroad. In cooperation with the vocational training school Cuxhaven (BBS Cuxhaven) internships in the United Kingdom are regularly offered.  

Professional training. Award-winning. 2018 / 2019

This company provides training for a secure future


IHK 2018 / 2019

Our VOCO trainers

Unsere VOCO Ausbilder

l.t.r.: Jana Wörmcke (Chemical laboratory assistant), Hauke Schlecht (Chemical production specialist), Stefanie Hein (Industrial business management assistant), Erwin Rüsch (Warehouse specialist), Andrea Mohrmann (Chemical laboratory assistant)

Trainees present their different training areas

What is so special about a training at the dental company VOCO? What is offered? Nobody can answer these questions better than the VOCO trainees themselves. They give personal and fascinating insights in their different training areas: Industrial business management assistant, chemical laboratory assistant, warehouse specialist, chemical production specialist or dual study programme (discipline Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts).

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