Experience reports

Dr Thorsten Gerkensmeier

Regulatory Affairs

As an internationally positioned, ambitious company in the sector of medical products, VOCO offers many different career perspectives for young professionals. This also applied to the year 2000, when I newly left university with my doctorate and was looking for an interesting, yet challenging and responsible job as a chemist. I got a chance at VOCO and started as product developer in the division Research and Development, being part of a powerful team consisting of “old hands” as well as “rookies”. Flat hierarchies and the cooperative working climate allowed me to quickly familiarize with the projects. Hence, I benefitted from the experience of the senior colleagues and, at the same time, was able to develop and bring new ideas to our work. Of course, product developers must always remain up to date with the latest technology and observe new trends. This aspect is covered by talks with dentists, the participation in trainings, congresses and trade fairs as well as by regular literature review.


VOCO offers career opportunities for young professionals and experienced professionals. As a family business, the company is also repeatedly engaged in social and community projects. Furthermore, VOCO supports the employees: During the whole year, there are several events such as the summer festival, Christmas party, soccer tournaments or the participation in running events and beach sport competitions. In addition, different company sports groups are supported. The offer is steadily updated and currently comprises soccer, badminton, table tennis and small groups of runners. Besides the regular sports groups, there are limited time offers such as wakeboarding, Tae Bo, self-defence training and Pilates.

Dr Gerrit Lübbe

Assistant to the Head of Production

Bettina Hein

In 2010, I made my first experiences as a developer/chemist respectively as a product manager for composite materials as well as for cleaning/remineralising pastes. The range of tasks comprised the entire spectrum of research and development; starting with the generation of ideas, the first basic formulations and basic research work to the upscaling of the finished formulations to the production scale and the servicing of the products on the market.  


After seven years in research and development, I was offered the opportunity within the company to develop professionally towards production. Due to the fact, that I already got many insights into production processes during my activity as a developer, I was excited by that new challenge. Since 2018, I am Assistant to the Head of Production and jointly responsible for the planning and organisation of the complete production processes of our product range. In this context, I have the possibility to cooperate interdisciplinarily with lots of different people and departments and to be actively involved in the effective design of the individual processes. Here, the entire work benefits from the medium-sized structure of the company, in which short communication channels and flat hierarchies still prevail.


Sandra Junge

Product manager


Sandra Junge-Schumacher

Many think that the training as an industrial manager is a boring office job – on the contrary!


During the training, one passes through the various departments and thus, comprehends step by step the processes of an industrial company. You get the chance to discover and further develop your own strengths. VOCO is always on your side and supports you. The training is a wonderful and important time, which prepares you very well for your future professional life. After my training as industrial manager, I became an employee and today, I am product manager in the marketing department. VOCO never stopped to promote my professional training and I was offered the opportunity to complete a correspondence course besides my professional work.


Bettina Hein

Foreign language correspondent


Bettina Hein

VOCO GmbH is a globally operating and constantly growing family company. It offers young professionals the opportunity to start a career with the perspective of personal and professional development within the internal company structure at the Cuxhaven location.


At the end of 1997, I came to VOCO as a qualified foreign language correspondent and European secretary. Since then, I work in the export department as assistant to different area managers. At first, I mostly handled work orders, today, I am the direct contact for customers and sales representatives in my area of responsibility: I handle their requests independently and act as central interface between the different departments and the customers respectively the field sales force.  


Nils Kramer

dual course student

Nils Kramer

Hi, I am Nils and my dual course of studies at the VOCO GmbH started in 2019. I decided to do a dual study as the combination of theoretical and practical stage in particular excited me the most. Meaning that what was learned in the course of study can be immediately applied and consolidated in practice. I attend the university in Bremen at regular intervals of three months at a time and then work again for three months at the VOCO GmbH, so that I can simultaneously complete my bachelor's degree in business administration (after approx. 3.5 years) and my apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant (after approx. 2.5 years) as part of the dual study programme.


During my apprenticeship, I rotate through almost all departments of the VOCO GmbH, which gives me detailed insights in various sectors of the company. Thus, at the end of the apprenticeship you have an extensive overview of all operational processes.


I choose the VOCO GmbH as employer, as I only heard good things about the company before. VOCO is a medium-sized, family-run company, which is globally active and socially committed. They regularly support the project “Doctors Without Borders”, for example, or other charitable projects. Furthermore, the company offers a large range of company sports activities, a very pleasant working atmosphere and many bonuses such as Christmas or vacation pay.


Lena Fick

Chemistry lab technician (apprenticeship)

Lena Fick

My name is Lena and my apprenticeship as a chemistry lab technician at VOCO started in August ‘21. In the upper secondary, Chemistry was already my choice as specialised course, which makes the theoretical part of the apprenticeship much easier.


I am doing my apprenticeship in the department of Research & Development, where I am allowed to work on the manufacturing of new products as well as on the further development of products that are already on the market. For this purpose, products are prepared in a small batch and analysed, for example, for their shade, strength or processing time. Meanwhile, I get to know every VOCO product. The tasks that I am allowed to take on independently at an early stage are very wide-ranged. Within my apprenticeship, I will be working a half year in the Quality Control department to learn about the working steps here as well. Various raw materials as well as semi-finished and final products, manufactured in production, are analysed in the Quality Control.


I choose VOCO because I already got an insight into the laboratory and the working environment before I started my apprenticeship, which I liked very much. I was welcomed openly and friendly from the very first day.


Merle Tiedemann

Industrial Business Management Assistant (apprenticeship)

Hello, my name is Merle and I started my apprenticeship at VOCO as an industrial business management assistant on August 1st, 2020. I decided in favour of the industrial business management assistant because I went to the vocational business and economy school before and the subject areas are very similar. Furthermore, the apprenticeship is versatile and I can have a look into many different fields so that at the end of the apprenticeship I can figure out which field was most interesting and fun for me for working later on in it. I decided in favour of VOCO because I only heard positive feedback about VOCO as employer, especially about the good working atmosphere. Afterwards, I can confirm that all colleagues are very friendly and helpful. The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce honoured VOCO to be an excellent apprenticing company. I like especially that I had right at the start of my apprenticeship a huge overview of all materials VOCO produces and that I had immediately interesting tasks to work on independently.