Compass of values

Our corporate philosophy

We value our customers

We know that each individual customer is important for us. We listen to their wishes and have the ambition to provide them with high quality products, which are always state-of-the-art in current dental technology. We combine our energy, our know-how and our talents with passion in order to develop products, which excel our customers’ and their patients’ expectations whenever possible. We work closely together with science and trade for exchanging expertise and ensuring the best possible support of our customers.


We value our employees

We believe in the great potential of capable and committed employees, who build their commitment on a common vision. Our employees are people from all around the world: This means a high level of different experiences, numerous varying cultural backgrounds enriching our company, a broad range of talents and potentials. We build on the diversity of our employees and concentrate on the creation of working conditions, which motivate each individual and value his or her contribution. 


We value integrity

We believe that honesty and sincerity are the fundament of integrity and trust. We build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, dealers, employees and suppliers. 


We value training

We believe that knowledge is power and that learning leads to change and growth of individuals as well as of the company. In pursuing our goal of continual improvement, we support our employees in taking risks, in developing clever working methods, in searching for new ideas and in using resources intelligently.  


We value results

We develop, manufacture, market and deliver products, which fulfill the most stringent requirements with regard to design and quality – that is, our customers’ requirements. We stand for competency, we research, we strive for the best procedures and fast production. We are proud of our work and our company.


We value our society

We care about society beyond our business. We provide intensive training and offer people around the world secure jobs. We further public welfare through donations and voluntary commitment.